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TSA Pre-Check expands to BZN

December 6, 2013

Dec. 10, 2013

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 Press Release

TSA Pre™ expands to Bozeman – Yellowstone International Airport

BOZEMAN,Mont. - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expanded its popular TSA Pre™ operations to Bozeman – Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).

TSAPre™, which is currently offered in more than 100 airports nationwide, is an expedited screening program that allows pre-cleared travelers to leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belt, keep their laptop in its case and their 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels bag in a carry-on in select screening lanes.

Alaska Airlines, which serves BZN, participates in TSA Pre™. There are eight other participating airlines including American Airlines; Delta Airlines; Hawaiian Airlines;JetBlue; Southwest Airlines; United Airlines; US Airways; and Virgin America.

“TSA continues to move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to transportation security,” said TSA Federal Security Director for Montana Dan Fevold. “With the addition of TSA Pre™ at BZN, we can provide the most effective security in the most efficient way possible and improve the passenger experience.

Passengers who are eligible for TSA Pre™ include U.S. citizens of frequent traveler programs invited by participating airlines. Additionally, U.S. citizens who are members of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler program and Canadian citizens who are members of CBP’s NEXUS program qualify to participate.

Recently, TSA began offering TSA Pre™ on a flight-by-flight basis to some passengers flying on a participating TSA Pre™ airline. These passengers are not required to “opt in” through an airline or enroll in any type of Trusted Traveler program. TSA electronically analyzes passenger information provided during the reservation process and conducts a real-time risk assessment, pre-clearing select passengers for expedited screening. This process allows TSA to maintain its high security standards while offering more travelers the benefit of expedited screening.

Starting Dec. 20, all U.S. Armed Forces service members including those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard are eligible to use TSA Pre™. Any traveler can check the TSA Pre™ Participating Airports web page on for information on locations and hours of active TSA Pre™ lanes at airport across the country.

Nationwide, more than 20 million passengers have experienced TSA Pre™ since it launched in October 2011. TSA will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport and no individual is guaranteed expedited screening.


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Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) is owned and operated by the Gallatin Airport Authority. Established in 1972, the function of the Gallatin Airport Authority is to plan for, provide, operate and safely maintain an aviation facility adequate to the needs of the flying public in the Yellowstone region and to keep it self-sustaining.

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