August 14 2020

Runway Safety Action Team/Tower Meeting

BZN Tower

Runway incursions again remain a serious concern nationally. One important component of our ongoing efforts to improve surface safety at BZN involves conducting a Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) meeting at least once each year. In conjunction with tower management, we will be conducting a local RSAT meeting on Wednesday, September 9th, at 6 p.m. in the Airport Operations/Customs Building. You and anyone that operates on the airfield are cordially invited to join us. 

The purpose of this RSAT meeting is to unite those individuals and organizations that are actively involved in operation and movement of aircraft, vehicles, and equipment on the Airport Operations Area (AOA). We look for participation from all major airport interests including tenants, fixed base operators, airport operations, and maintenance personnel. Participants are asked to help develop recommendations and solutions to enhance surface safety. Those recommendations serve as the foundation for a site-specific Runway Safety Action Plan.  

Tower Manager Les Andrew and Airport Staff will be available to address all your questions and concerns regarding air traffic control at BZN. 
October 4, 2022
, 10/4/2022