June 18, 2024
, 6/18/2024

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
Pilot Shelter

Pilot Shelter
Bozeman Airport is proud to host a truly unique pilot shelter. The shelter was constructed with help from the Montana Pilots Association, Montana Aeronautics Division, the Recreational Aviation Foundation and the Gallatin Airport Authority.

Gallatin Airport Authority — Policy Regarding Pilot Shelter Use
The purpose of this policy is to set forth the conditions under which the public pilot shelter located at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport may be used. The shelter was constructed with a combination of public funds and private donations. Upon completion by mostly volunteer labor, the shelter was turned over to the Gallatin Airport Authority, which is now responsible for the maintenance and operation of the facility. Persons using the pilot shelter do so at their own risk. The Gallatin Airport Authority will not be responsible for the use of the facility or for any aircraft parked or tied down in the vicinity of the pilot shelter.

1. Allowable Uses
The pilot shelter is for the explicit use of the flying public and shall only be used for aviation related functions. Those functions include:

a. Overnight camping for itinerant pilots and their passengers arriving by and accompanied by an aircraft. Such use shall not exceed seven consecutive days.

b. Meetings and other organized functions of pilot or aviation related organizations such as the Montana Pilot’s Association, Recreational Aviation Foundation, Ninety-Nines, Montana Antique Aircraft Association, Daedalians, Quiet Birdmen, Civil Air Patrol, Gallatin Airport Authority, Montana Aeronautics Board, etc.

c. Use by local pilots and aircraft owners for occasional pilot get-togethers.

d. The pilot shelter shall not be used for functions such as weddings, company picnics, family picnics or reunions even if an aircraft is involved or the principle organizer or other member of the group is a pilot or aircraft owner. No campers or motor homes may be parked overnight at the pilot shelter.

2. Maintenance and Clean Up
Persons or groups using the pilot shelter shall be responsible for cleaning up the facility and removing their garbage when they are finished. Users are asked to advise airport maintenance of any part of the facility requiring repair. They may be contacted at: 406-388-6632 ext. 174.

3. Security
Persons using the pilot shelter shall make certain that the pedestrian gate located adjacent to the facility is closed and locked at all times when not in use and shall report any malfunction of the gate to airport maintenance.