April 01 2023

In-line Baggage Handling System Update

conveyor belt
We are nearing the mid-point of completion on BZN's baggage handling system upgrade. Ultimately, BZN will have an advanced Baggage Screening and Explosive Detection system containing over 3,000 linear feet of bag belt from start to finish. This state-of-the-art system is scheduled to be completed by early fall. BZN anticipates our commercial airlines will begin phasing their operations in to the new system by mid-summer. 

The new baggage handling system is a sophisticated and evolving project. It is by far the most electronically advanced system BZN has ever implemented. The baggage handling area is now made up of interconnected peak and valley conveyor belts that systematically control baggage flow from airline check-in to aircraft loading carts. When in full operation, the system has the ability to move baggage very quickly. On average, BZN handles roughly 4 thousand bags per day. During peak travel periods, baggage loads average between 7-8 thousand per day. 

In order to maintain day-to-day operations, engineering magic took place with the installation of temporary equipment. The entire system upgrade has been constructed alongside active airline arrival and departure schedules. Temporary equipment will remain throughout the end of the system upgrade. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will conduct system testing and certifications through the month of May. 

BZN would like to thank our airline, security screeners, and the TSA for their assistance and support during this cutting-edge system upgrade. For additional information on the baggage handling system, check out our previous blog post here.  
June 18, 2024
, 6/18/2024