August 29 2017

Multi-Use Parking Garage Update

Parking Garage Rendering
The Gallatin Airport Authority will begin utility and roadway relocation on the east side of the terminal in September to prepare the site for construction of a 1,100 stall multi-use parking garage. A contract was awarded to DLM Contracting in the amount of $713,226.60 for the relocations which are expected to be complete by November 2017. In October, the Gallatin Airport Authority will receive bids for construction of the estimated $30 million dollar parking garage of which 90% will be occupied by the seven car rental brands operating in the terminal with the remaining 10% for premium pay parking.

Overall, the structure will be approximately 400,000 square feet usable for vehicle parking and another 20,000 of climate controlled lobbies on each of the four floors of the parking garage to provide elevator and stairway access directly to the rental car end of the terminal building. The project will be funded through a combination of rental car customer facility charges and internal airport capital improvement funding. The project is expected to take approximately 18 months and be completed summer 2019.
May 16, 2022
, 5/16/2022