November 30 2017

Gallatin Airport Authority Organizes Operations Department for Continued Airport Growth

BZN will handle nearly 70% more passengers in 2017 than in 2010, growing from 720,000 passengers to 1,200,000 passengers in just seven years.  The significant growth over this period as well as expected growth in the coming years created an opportunity to reorganize our Operations Department to better serve the needs of the Airport, its passengers and tenants.  
Beginning in 2018, we have separated staff within the department into three separate operations areas, Maintenance Operations, Airside Operations and Landside Operations, all reporting to Paul Schneider, Assistant Director of Operations.  Three Duty Managers will report to Paul and between the four, will provide daily operations management generally from 4:15 a.m. until 1:00 a.m.
In addition, each of the Duty Managers will have a specific operations area responsibility.  Duty Manager Rhett Boerger will be responsible for Maintenance Operations, with a staff of eight, focused on building and equipment maintenance for the Airport Authority.  Duty Manager Landon Burgwin will be responsible for Airside Operations, with a staff of five, focused on Part 139 Airport Certification and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting.  Duty Manager Will Jefferies will be responsible for Landside Operations, with a staff of eight, focused on Custodial and Facility Appearance

Paul Schneider, Assistant Director of Operations

Rhett Boerger, Duty Manager - Maintenance Operations

Landon Burgwin, Duty Manager - Airside Operations

Will Jefferies, Duty Manager - Landside Operations
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