February 16 2016

Engineering RFQ 2016


The Gallatin Airport Authority (GAA) as owner of BZN is soliciting Statement of Qualifications from interested and qualified Aviation Consultants for professional aviation planning and airport engineering services.

Information obtained from the RFQ will be used by the GAA to evaluate each interested consultant using criteria outlined in this RFQ and conforming to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14E to select the most qualified consultant(s). Fee information will not be considered in the selection process and must not be submitted.

The GAA reserves the right to pick one or more consultants; the agreement will begin September 1, 2016 not to exceed five (5) years. Work under the agreement will occur on an as-needed basis (not a monthly ongoing fee) based on project schedules, funding, or need.

Subject to local funding and receipt of funding under the FAA Airport Improvement Program, services may include, but are not limited to:


Assisting with documentation required to secure federal and state aviation funding

Administration of other federal programs including Passenger Facility Charge Program and other programs as may be implemented

Purchase of SRE and ice control equipment

Land acquisition and associated environmental documents

Project administration and engineering associated with construction of a new general aviation runway and shared-use and/or pay parking garage(s), terminal expansion, modification or upgrade to baggage handling system

Installation of sewer and water systems

Administration and engineering associated with the storm water run-off program

Installation of airport related security systems and fencing

Improvements to airport approach and safety areas

Administration or engineering associated with the Wildlife Hazard Management

Administration and engineering associated with fuel farm addition or expansion,
airfield pavement maintenance/rehabilitation including, but not limited to fog
seal, overlay, and re-striping of runways, taxiways and aprons

Project administration and engineering associated with expansion of airport
roads, ramps, aircraft aprons, taxiways, runways, deicing containment facilities,
lighting, signing and parking areas

Installation of electronic navigation and radio systems

Administration of airport’s DBE program


  •  Update of Airport Master Plan including:

  •  Terminal modification or expansion

  •  Baggage handling system upgrade or modification

  •  Parking garage design

The airport’s Master Plan and Capital Improvement Program may change over the
course of the five year period. The GAA reserves the right to add or remove projects for
consideration as dynamics at the airport warrant.


Submittals will be ranked based upon the following criteria and relative importance as
applied by the Selection Committee:

1. Capability to perform all or most aspects for projects and provide consultant services as may become necessary; ability of key personnel to expeditiously respond to and support needs of staff (25)

2. Key personnel’s professional background/reputation and successful relevant experience (20)

3. Quality of projects previously undertaken that are comparable to proposed projects and experience with the FAA (Northwest Mountain Region and Helena ADO) (20)

4. Demonstrated ability to meet schedule or deadlines and to complete projects without having major cost escalations, overruns or disputed claims (15)

5. Familiarity with similar projects proposed and understanding of these types of project(s) and potential problems and owner’s special concerns (15)

6. Demonstrated capability to properly administer projects funded by the FAA (5)

The GAA will use a Selection Committee comprised of two members of the GAA board and Airport Director to evaluate each of the Statement of Qualifications received in response to this RFQ.

The Selection Committee shall select a consultant or, at its discretion a short list of consultants to interview prior to selection. The GAA reserves the right to reject any or all submitted Statement of Qualifications and to waive or decline any Statement of Qualifications irregularities.

The selected consultant(s) shall execute a Master Agreement with the GAA. The agreement shall be based on criteria described in this RFQ and the consultant’s Statement of Qualifications.

For each project performed under the Master Agreement, a detailed scope of work will be developed and agreed to by the consultant(s) and the GAA.

All consultants are advised that some of the services listed in the RFQ may or may not be not be required.

All consultants are advised that services are limited to only those projects which are expected to be initiated within five (5) years of the date the agreement.

Statements of Qualifications shall be limited to fifteen (15) pages including promotional material. Information submitted should be limited to similar airport projects completed.

Six (6) copies of Statements of Qualifications must be furnished and all submittals shall become property of the GAA.

Statements of Qualifications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. April 1, 2016. Neither facsimile nor electronically transmitted responses will be accepted for this request. Submittals received after the deadline will be marked “LATE” and will receive no further consideration. The GAA will work towards selecting the top qualified consultant(s) by April 14, 2016.

No preproposal meeting is scheduled. For further information contact Scott Humphrey, Deputy Airport Director, 850 Gallatin Field Rd., Suite 6, Belgrade, Montana, 59714. Phone: (406) 388-6632 FAX: (406) 388-6634    
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