February 12 2010

Gallatin Field Air Service Program

Gallatin Field Airport Air Service Incentive Program


Historically, Gallatin Field Airport has not offered monetary incentives to airlines for new or increased service based on the philosophy that such service should be self-sustainable. However, with the well-documented struggles of the airlines coupled with volatile fuel costs and the current economic climate, the Gallatin Airport Authority has decided that incentives are needed to strengthen the airport’s competitive position for new or expanded service. The program will be in effect from May 1, 2010 through May 1, 2011. Any eligible airline starting service new, nonstop service within this timeframe may participate.

Eligible Airlines:

Any Signatory or Non-Signatory airline providing new, nonstop service from Gallatin Field Airport is eligible to participate in the program. Prior to initiating service, airlines must contact the office of the Airport Director to be included in the program.

Incentive Program:

The purpose of the program will be to provide an incentive to an incumbent airline that provides new, nonstop service to any destination that it currently does not serve from Gallatin Field Airport as of March 1, 2010 or attract a new entrant airline to service Gallatin Field Airport. In order to be eligible for the Incentive Program, an airline must provide, at a minimum, at least once weekly service with a minimum of thirty (30) arrivals/departures to the new destination during a twelve consecutive month period.

Program Components:

-  Waive landing fees for new nonstop destination(s) for an incumbent airline for a limited time not to exceed twelve consecutive months.

-  Waive landing fees for a new entrant carrier for new nonstop destination for a limited time not to exceed twelve consecutive months.

-  Incentive Program not to exceed $30,000 per destination.

-  An incumbent airline must maintain monthly seat capacity equivalent to, or greater than the prior year.

Based upon this criterion, the waiver will be credited monthly.

Contact Information:

Brian Sprenger

Airport Director

Phone: (406) 388-6632 ext. 102

Fax: (406) 388-6634

Email: Brian.Sprenger@gallatinfield.com


Scott Humphrey

Deputy Airport Director

Phone: (406) 388-6632 ext. 117

Fax: (406) 388-6634

Email: Scott.Humphrey@gallatinfield.com


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