May 15 2009

Airport Board Resolution Thanking Ted Mathis for 28 years of dedicated service to Gallatin Field.

Gallatin Airport Authority

Whereas, Mr. Theodore Mathis has served continuously as Airport Director of Gallatin Field from July 1, 1981 to May 31, 2009, and

Whereas, During his time of service Gallatin Field has increased passenger boardings nearly 500% to over 350,000 annually, and

Whereas, Airline service has increased from two airlines providing non-stop service to three states within one time zone to five airlines providing non-stop service to ten states in four different time zones, and

Whereas, During his time of service considerable new construction was accomplished including five major terminal additions, a control tower, the first locally funded radar, a new paved cross-wind runway, a new parallel turf runway, a fire response building, a new maintenance building, four public parking lot expansions, and

Whereas, General aviation has increased from less than 50 assigned aircraft in 1981 to over 300 in 2009, and

Whereas, Gallatin Field consistently passed Federal, State and Airport Authority evaluations with few or no discrepancies, and

Whereas, Management of Gallatin Field regularly produced a positive return on taxpayer’s funds, and

Whereas, Mr. Mathis continues to enjoy the highest professional reputation among those in authority, his peers, his associates, and his employees, therefore

Resolved, That the Gallatin Airport Authority desires to convey their deep appreciation for the many professional services rendered by Mr. Mathis and recognize the significantly enhanced state of aviation in Montana and the Gallatin Valley due to his many successful efforts.

Signed this 14th day of May, 2009

Richard R. Roehm
Greg Metzger
John McKenna, Jr.
Steve Williamson
Kevin Kelleher
May 17, 2022
, 5/17/2022