June 14 2022

Spring 2022 Projects and Construction Update

Scheduled parking lot additions
Apron rehabilitation and expansion projects are well underway at BZN. Knife River will be working on the commercial apron expansion and overlay project, west terminal ramp expansion, and north side apron improvements. The overlay terminal ramp work has been completed as scheduled and the expansion of the west terminal ramp has begun. This expansion is scheduled to take place through the month of October and will not have any airline impact. North side apron improvements will be taking place at night due to their interaction with Charlie Taxiway and extended communications across the airfield.

Parking lot improvement bids were brought to the June 9th board meeting. The above image highlights the areas of construction and expansion. Schedule 1 construction will extend the perimeter of the southwest employee/commuter parking lot from Service Drive to Airport Road. Parking construction immediately south of the terminal is scheduled to begin this year too. A completion date has not been determined.

Duneman Construction begins work June 13th on water and sewer improvements that will serve the north side of the airfield when completed.

Components for BZN’s new and advanced inline baggage system have been arriving and installation will be starting the week of June 27th. We are experiencing supply chain issues but we are still on track to start Schedule 2 of the project early fall.
June 18, 2024
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