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Kendall Switzer

Kendall Switzer
Brigadier General Kendall Switzer brings over 40 years of leadership experience in successful, high-performance cultures operating in hostile environments throughout the world. A U. S. Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot, he attended and graduated from the elite TOPGUN fighter weapons school, served as a Naval Strike Warfare Instructor, and flew as a demonstration pilot with the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels). Additionally, General Switzer served in the United States Air Force/Air National Guard as an F-16 Pilot, Instructor and Commander. His experience operating in over 30 Countries throughout the world, both in peace time and combat, has honed his application of superior teamwork concepts.  He is a Certified Mediator (Professional Association of Montana Mediators), as well as a small business owner, leadership / performance trainer and coach.  He holds a master’s degree (MBA - Graduation with Distinction) in Business Administration, as well as graduating from the U.S. Air Command and Staff and Air War College.  Throughout his life, Ken has logged more than 4500 flight hours operating a variety of aircraft.

May 17, 2024
, 5/17/2024