March 10 2022

Local pilot Greg Mecklenburg awarded the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

Greg Mecklenburg, a member of the general aviation community at BZN, was recently awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award by the FAA. The Master Pilot Award (MPA) is the most prestigious award the FAA issues to pilots certified under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 61.

The award recognizes aviators that have 50 or more years of civil and military piloting experience or 50 or more years combined experience in both piloting and aircraft operations. The licensed pilot must also have a record of safety and professionalism.

Greg first soloed on June 12, 1968, just two months shy of his 17th birthday, in a Cessna 150 at what is today known as Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. He got his private pilot rating on October 6 that same year. He has been flying for almost 54 years and has accrued more than 22,000 flight hours.

Greg also holds 14 Montana soaring records as a glider pilot and invented and has a patent for a glider launch truck.

Greg was presented the award by Jeff Vercoe, Montana FAA Safety Program Manager, at the February Gallatin Airport Authority board meeting.
May 30, 2023
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