December 13 2022

In-line Baggage Handling System Update

Baggage area
BZN is halfway through construction of our new in-line baggage handling system. This system is a $23-million expansion that will further elevate and transform the behind-the-scenes operations at BZN. This system is comparable to the baggage systems at Denver International Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport but on a much smaller scale. We expect this upgrade to carry us through the next 20 years of growth. Ultimately, BZN will have a state of the art Baggage Screening and Explosive Detection system that includes over 3,000 linear feet of bag belt from start to finish.  The new system will permit passengers to check their luggage, including skis and golf bags, with airline staff at the same ticket counter location. All bags, including skis and golf bags, will then be delivered to the same airline pick-up location.

On average, BZN handles almost 4,000 bags per day. In order to maintain day-to-day operations throughout the system upgrade, temporary equipment needed to be installed. The temporary bag belts are up and running and the entire temporary system is operational for the holiday rush. During the next several months, we will be transitioning from the temporary system to the new system. The projected completion date for this project is July of 2023.

June 18, 2024
, 6/18/2024