December 19 2022

Arrivals Curb Expansion

BZN parking map
BZN’s arrivals curb renovation was part of the $9.3-million parking expansion that opened just in time for holiday travel. Our arrivals curb, now triple in size and extending the length of the terminal, allows customers to pick up their guests with ease. Prior to expansion, our arrivals curb only accommodated 12 vehicles. BZN’s arrivals curb can now handle 45-50 vehicles at a time.

In order to conduct an expansion of this magnitude, the arrivals curb needed to be relocated further from the main terminal exits. The limited amount of space in the former arrivals area was not conducive for a 3-lane wide expansion. Walkways are available for passengers to safely make their way from the terminal to the new arrivals curb. Travelers will now find their shuttle, bus, and taxi rides located directly in front of the terminal. For an updated map of the curb front area, please click here.

Construction will continue through spring of 2023; large scale signage will be posted, entry and road ways will be adjusted, and finishing touches still need to be completed. BZN would like to thank customers for their patience throughout the transition to further improve and expand the airport’s infrastructure.
May 17, 2024
, 5/17/2024